Corporate Video Production

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A video that fits

At Virbion our passion is all about producing highly effective media that connects with your audience, resulting in more views, followers, and customers.

Whether you are a local start-up or global conglomerate, we can help enhance your brand and marketing, creating the results your vision deserves.

Strategy that works

Consumer confidence begins with with branding.  Elevate your brand with a great logo animation.  It can serve as an intro to all your videos and create greater brand awareness.

Keep your audience on your website and product pages with a video that connects with them at an emotional level.  From research and consultation through video publishing and SEO optimization.

Your video project will be completed on time and on budget.

We excel at communication

Your project begins with consulting our Creative Director whom will oversee the entire production process.

Every client receives access to our client portal where you can track and manage every aspect of your project, including inviting co-workers to participate.

We provide an end-to-end solution for video projects, however we understand you may have other contractors involved in a project.   No worries.  We are Minnesota nice wherever we go.

All your video production needs.

  • Pre-production

    Script writing

  • Production

    Sound recording
    Custom music production

  • Post-production

    Custom animations
    Professional voiceovers
    Licensing acquisition/clearing
    Music and jingles

  • Publishing

    Publish to websites
    SEO Optimization
    Analytics integration