Jason Steinbach, Director and Project Manager

Jason Steinbach

Director, Project Manager


Since 2013, Jason has guided Virbion’s vision and direction, elevating clients’ brands and companies to improve their performance.  He has been deeply involved with every client project and has worked with companies of all sizes, including local start-ups and multi-national corporations.

Most recently, Jason was integral in acquiring the brand and trademarks for “No Place For Fear“, a lifestyle brand also known as “NPFF”.  He is currently spearheading the 3-prong development of NPFF, which mimics marketing strategies widely used by Disney.  Jason is executive producer of a pop song written for the brand, a movie joint venture with the Boy Scouts of America, and a merchandise line that maintains cross-cultural global appeal.

In his free time, Jason loves to travel and explore new destinations with his family and teach his kids how to develop family-friendly, God-honoring media.

Past Work

From 2001 – 2008, Jason owned and managed the only mortgage company that served the Deaf community throughout the United States.  With a team of Deaf and Hearing employees, he conducted educational credit seminars, provided free credit counseling and mortgage origination support.

After the market crash of 2008 and the freeze on down payment assistance, Jason was forced to close the doors of the mortgage company.  He switched gears in 2008 to pursue his passion for traveling.  For several years he led a team of over 500 sales reps for a global travel company.

In 2013, Jason returned to his primary passion of helping others and founded Virbion Media.  A company driven by a passion to help others succeed, hence the acronym.


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