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A website is like the front of a building.  It needs to look good in order to instill confidence in potential customers.  It also needs to be fast on mobile devices in order to convert and keep customers.   As of 2017, over 60% of all web browsing is on mobile devices, and that number continues to grow.  At Virbion we create modern, properly developed websites that look great, perform fast, and deliver better results for our clients.  Start with a free consultation to ensure we are a good fit for your website needs.

Web usage in 2017.
Improve website speed with Virbion Media

Optimized to be fast & secure

The world wants everything right now.  Our need for speed also applies to websites.  We are just not willing to wait for slow sites anymore.  Forty-percent of users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.  Additionally, Google has indicated that a website’s load time can affect the ranking in search engines.  It is critical for websites to use current best practices for web design and development.  The internet is forever evolving, adding scripts, removing scripts, and continually trying to protect all of us from malicious activity.  We are constantly reviewing client websites to ensure they are up to date, optimized for speed, and protected.


In 2017 the top 3 rankings in Search Engines receive 55% of the clicks.  Google is constantly changing algorithms to ensure the most relevant and highest quality sites are ranked first.  Videos have become a leading factor in ranking thanks to the ability for machine translation of audio to text.  Our ablity to produce high quality videos optimized for SEO is a major benefit to our clients.  Whether you are a local flower shop or a global eCommerce store, our plans will help you stay on top of search results. 

SEO audits and optimization
Website monitor and repair

24/7 monitoring and servicing

Your website works 24-hours a day.  We offer management plans to monitor, protect, and service your site 24/7.   Our clients enjoy a 99.9% uptime average. Each site is hosted on SSD servers in the United States and propagated on CDN servers throughout the world, allowing your website to load faster everywhere.   Free SSL, CDN optimizations, and regular reports are available as part of our website management plans.

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