Video ads and promos

Elevate your brand with videos that convert.

We create relational videos

Do you have video content that attracts and keeps customers on your website?  In 2017 videos helped keep people on webpages 2.6 times longer.   It is within the first few seconds that a viewer decides whether or not to watch an entire video.  Video ads and promos need to have attention-grabbing visuals and audio, otherwise you risk losing potential followers and customers.

At Virbion we understand SEO and Big Data analytics.  Every video we produce is designed to convert viewers into followers and customers.  Call to action buttons, links, SEO optimizations, and more have made our full-service solution effective and affordable for brands and companies.

Animated Promo Example

Custom Brand, Logo animation, and Soundtrack

Videos that convert

Consumer confidence begins with with branding.  Elevate your brand with a great logo animation and soundtrack.  It can serve as an intro to all your videos, enhance your viewer’s confidence, and create greater brand awareness.

Effective videos connect with viewers on an emotional level.  Videos that are have elements of drama or comedy are the most effective.   Your project will begin with a consultation in which a Director will review your vision and/or script.  We will offer suggestions and help write or re-write your script to create the most effective video possible.  We offer a free consultation to start.

From idea to completion

Once we launch your project you are provided access to a client portal from which you can participate in the project at whatever level you are comfortable with.

The portal will allow you to track progress, invite other users to participate, submit/track suggestions, upload content, and much more.

We provide an end-to-end solution for video projects, however we understand you may have other contractors involved in a project.   No worries.  We are Minnesota nice wherever we go.

Custom Animation and Soundtrack

All your video production needs.

  • Pre-production

    Script writing

  • Production

    Sound recording
    Custom music production

  • Post-production

    Custom animations
    Professional voiceovers
    Licensing acquisition/clearing
    Music and jingles

  • Publishing

    Publish to websites
    SEO Optimization
    Analytics integration

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