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Effective SEO services begin with acquiring good data.  Good data leads to implementing better optimization methods for better results.   Our SEO service plans are customized for each client and include complete reporting with deep analytics of your traffic.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or multinational corporation, we have an SEO plan that can be customized for your needs and budget.  SEO plans begin with an audit and strategic consultation.  Your custom plan will allow your business to ramp up as you benefit from our optimizations.

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SEO original content is better

Unique Content Creation

Websites that create and host unique content win big when it comes to SEO and search results ranking.  Modern algorithms are now able to determine the source of content, thereby attributing greater relevancy and higher rank to original content authors.  Additionally, legitimate and relevant websites will begin to link to your content, further increasing your rank in search results.

Virbion Media specializes in creating unique and relevant content that attracts leads, acquires customers, and retains followers.   From simple websites to high-end product and brand videos, each element we touch is optimized for best SEO practices.  Start your project by consulting a Project Manager.

Keyword Research and Targeting

We use advanced research tools to determine the most valuable keywords for your brand.  Some of the techniques include:

  • Discovering keywords your competitor is using
  • Where they are sending their leads (landing pages)
  • Keyword testing tools for A/B comparisons
  • Adwords tools to project CPC and budgeting

The SEO landscape is vast.   We will help you navigate it and find a path to an improved online presence.

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SEO services based in Monticello MN

Comprehensive SEO management

SEO services that can be included in your plan:

  • Lead generation & converting tools
  • Original content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Backlink creation
  • Optimizing existing content
  • Daily reports
  • Competitor reports
  • Historical data
  • Projects
  • Hundreds of Keywords to track
  • Thousands of Pages to crawl
  • SEO Ideas based on algorithms
  • Monitor Social profiles
  • Scheduled PDF reports

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