Professonial Branding

A well developed and consistently presented brand increases profits.  It begins with consumer confidence from a professionally designed brand that converts followers and customers.  Great branding continues with quality content that is aligned with the values held by your target markets.

Do you have a product or service that has potential for growth?  A number of our clients have reported year over year earning growth exceeding 300%.  Much of that success is attributed to the brand development and SEO optimization services we have provided.

Below are several examples of recent brands we have developed, including logos and taglines.  Get started with a free consultation with our creative director.  Enhancing your brand will enhance almost every aspect of sales and marketing for your product or service.

23% increase
Consistent branding increases profits.
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Examples of brands and slogans developed by Virbion Media.

“Sound great wherever you go.  With VOMO.”

VOMO branding, logo, and tagline by Virbion Media

“Your home deserves a BFF.”

Ultimate Home outlet logo, taglline by Virbon media

“Building for people.
Building for life.”

Minnetonka Construction branding, logo, and tagline by Virbion Media

Supercharge your brand

A website that converts

Today most people are able to produce a generic website thanks to the multitude of tools available.  However, creating a website that is highly effective in converting leads and serving existing customers is in a league of its own.   At Virbion we pride ourselves in creating highly effective websites tailored to your needs.  Our most recent eCommerce website helped a client see nearly 240% growth immeditely due to the improved user experience and speed of the site.   This massive site processes transactions, runs an affiliate program, includes video galleries and much more.

Simon Systems website development by Virbion Media

Videos made to win hearts

They are everywhere and most of us spend countless hours every week watching them.   Your leads and customers are watching videos.  Are you leveraging this trend?  We create videos that are optimized to be shared and to convert.  The most effective videos are relevant, dramatic, or funny.  Our process begins with consulting and research to help you determine the most effective type of video for your target market.  Our production workflow allows you to participate at whatever level you desire.


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