Product videos


A professional product video generates more sales.

Great product videos boost consumer confidence and convert more sales.  Whether your product is sold locally or globally, your product video can be everywhere thanks to the internet.
We pride ourselves on our ability to make great content that connects with viewers, converting them into followers and customers.

Branding, logo, tagline, animation, music.

Replicate successful methods

It’s no secret.  Products have better sales when there is a great video accompanying them.  That is why we see more companies adding them to their ecommerce sites, including on Amazon and Walmart.  It just works.
Big Data analytics is a part of our core services and deeply integrated with our video production.    SEO optimization of the script, schema markup, rich snippets, and analytics of your video are several ways we help maximize your video’s effectiveness.

Brand, tagline, script, animation

Our workflow

The video production process begins with writing a great script that connects with viewers on an emotional level.  We regularly assist local and global companies with writing or refining scripts.  This is truly a collaborative process.  We encourage our clients to participate at their preferred comfort level.
Each client is granted access to a client portal from which you can review projects, including scheduling, relevant files, and anything else associated with your projects.  You can even invite other users to participate.

Branding, soundtrack, effects, and editing.

All your video production needs.

  • Pre-production

    Script writing

  • Production

    Sound recording
    Custom music production

  • Post-production

    Custom animations
    Professional voiceovers
    Licensing acquisition/clearing
    Music and jingles

  • Publishing

    Publish to websites
    SEO Optimization
    Analytics integration

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