Simon systems complete digital marketing campaign

The Challenge

Simon Systems had never outsourced their marketing before approaching us.  They had been suffering diminished search engine ranking and seeing new, more aggressive competitors enter their space.  Previously, Virbion was hired to simply redo the website.  This time around a complete marketing campaign was needed to put the company back on top of search results and in front of their target market.

The company decided a marketing retainer was the best approach, allowing them to have a fixed monthly budget for marketing.  Their hope was to be back on top within six months.  We were both pleased when we got them there in four.


A six month retainer was established to remain within the allowed marketing budget.  Our work started with completely optimizing the site for improved relevance and discovery on the search engines.  That was followed by developing PPC campaigns with unique CTA (call to action) pages to improve lead capture and conversion.  Within 4 months their visibility had moved over 17% ahead of a fortune 500 competitor across 220 keywords.

Video production by Virbion Media


  •  Research, consultations
  •  Brand video production
  •  eCommerce development
  •  Linkedin PPC campaign
  •  Adwords PPC campaign
  •  Bing PPC campaign
  •  Blog writing (copywrite)
  •  Website optimization
  •  Website SEO
  •  Marketing campaign 
  •  Affiliate program development
  •  Ongoing website management


  •  17% greater visibility than fortune 500 competitor across 220 keywords.

  •  eCommerce development for over 4,000 products.

  •  Attracted preferred customer demographic

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