No Place For Fear

A song, movie and lifestyle for the world today.

The Challenge

In a changing world where the internet is the new playground, the BSA  (Scouts) knew an injection of fresh, media-driven content was needed.

Jason Steinbach, the founder of Virbion Media, had several boys involved in the Cub Scouts at the time and was a leader of a den himself.  He approached the Scout organization in charge of most of MN and western WI with an idea that could revolutionize the organization and increase sign-ups and retention worldwide.  Jason produced a teaser trailer of the working script to help the board of directors see the vision a bit clearer.

The idea was inspired by Jason’s Webelo den that he led at the time.  A movie making merit badge was available for the fifth graders.  With access to a professional studio at Virbion, Jason knew this could be the injection that his den could use, as well as the organization.  The real challenge would be to do it on a shoestring budget.

In today’s digital world, songs and merchandise can be produced and distributed relatively cheaply.  Producing a full-blown movie worthy of the big screen on a shoestring budget was another story altogether.  As with any good drama, there were bound to be sticks, stones, and flipped over vehicles thrown into the path of this project.  A few of the numerous factors that challenged the completion of the project include:

  • A Principal actor’s family member sadly passed away a few days before shooting was to begin, requiring a complete rearranging of the filming days and pushing production out two weeks.
  • Snow.  On Sept 6, 2019 over an inch of snow fell the morning of a shoot that was to include summer scenes.
  • Rain.  Powerful storms moved through Minnesota the day of a scene that prevented dozens of extras from being available, forcing a reshoot of the entire day.
  • Equipment.  The production computer on which the movie was to be  edited was DOA and delayed production 2 weeks.
  • Parents.  The director’s elderly parents encountered a life emergency, requiring him to take a 2-week leave to assist them.
  • Pandemic.  Having to produce a movie while homeschooling and managing existing clients is challenging, but not impossible.

6/3/2020 Update

Today we are in post-production.  All scenes have been recorded.  Song and soundtrack are in production.  Merchandise campaigns are underway.

Stay tuned to the facebook page for future updates.


Features developed in phase 1 included:

  • Script writing
  • Teaser trailer
  • Pre-production
  • Post-production
  • Casting call
  • Event planning
  • Website development
  • Shopify ecommerce site
  • Branding
  • Merchandise development
  • Auto-posting from blog to social channels
  • Conditional forms with deep security integrations
  • Custom dashboard with role access capability for staff
  • Facebook page development
  • Twitter development
  • Instagram development
  • Legal and compliance reviews, integrations
  • Google analytics integration
  • SEO optimization

Song audition contest with social media integration.

No Place For Fear song audition program developed by Virbion

Shopify ecommerce site developed and managed.

NPFF merchandise site developed and managed by Virbion
NPFF merchandise site developed and managed by Virbion

Located in Monticello, MN, USA

Providing Outsourced Marketing Everywhere


  • Brand Development
    Website Development
    Social Web Development
    SEO Optimization
    Website Management
    Analytics & Reporting
    Web & Print Content
    Custom Animation


  • Pre-production Services
    Script Writing
    Custom Animation
    SEO Optimization


  • Songwriting
    Talent Sourcing
    Voiceover backgrounds

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