Just Better home Improvement Re-branding campaign


Discovering that they would be featured on HGTV, Minnesota builder JB Home Improvers was searching for ways to enhance their brand and online presence.  They turned to Virbion to transform their small business into a high-performing brand.   For the re-branding campaign, their greatest need was to create an affordable website and video that were consistent with the professional quality they were known for in their work.  The owners, Jerry and Josh, are genuinely great guys and great at what they do.  They approached us with their needs, were very coachable, and ended up very happy with the results.  They now rank #1 in numerous industry keyword search results and have the pipeline to prove it.  We just hope they can keep up with the growth.

What we did


  •  Research
  •  Consultations
  •  Logo development
  •  Tagline development
  •  Website development
  •  Social network page development
  •  SEO optimization
  •  Video production
  •  Script development
  •  On-location videography
  •  Background music production
  •  Custom graphics and animation
  •  Editing and post-production
  •  Publishing to web  (website, youtube, facebook, google+)


Within one week of publishing, this video had over 2,300 organic views on facebook without any paid advertising.

The results

Increased lead generation and conversion rate.

  •  Enhanced branding

  •  Improved SEO and Keyword ranking

  •  Improved lead generation and conversion

  •  Increased customer loyalty

All your marketing needs.

  • Pre-planning

  • Development

  • Publishing

  • Analytics & Optimization

  • Consultations
  • Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Plans
  • Strategy
  • Brand assets
  • Website
  • Graphics
  • Content Copy
  • Content Aggregation
  • Video Production
  • SEO Optimizations
  • Website Hosting
  • Media Publishing
  • Keyword Tagging
  • Video Publishing
  • Subtitling for SEO
  • Localization
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Analytics
  • Website Heatmaps
  • SEO Optimizations
  • End-to-End Marketing


Are you reaching your target audience with the right message?  We create marketing assets and campaigns that are tailored to your brand and marketing needs.  Our passion is making highly effective media that is relational and relevant to your audience.   To make your marketing more effective we integrate SEO optimizing, Big Data analytics, and complete end-to-end solutions.

Start with consumer confidence. It is usually within the first few seconds of visiting your website that a person decides whether or not they will purchase products or services from you.   Elevate their confidence in your brand with our brand-building strategies.  We will keep your audience on your website and product pages with media and content that connects with them on an emotional level.


When it comes to marketing  you have two choices.  Search endlessly for the right professionals for each aspect of your marketing plan or use an full-service marketing agency.  Keeping all production under one roof can streamline your project and keep costs down.  Our full-service solutions result in efficient, highly effective marketing campaigns.  Contact us today to request a free consultation.


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