We also developed their new website
Simon Systems website development by Virbion
Simon Systems website development by Virbion

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The Challenge

Simon Systems, a global leader in refurbished mainframes, required a short promotional video that would highlight their brand, services, and product offerings.

What we did

  •  Research, consultations
  •  Script development
  •  Vocal artist matching and recording
  •  Sourced relevant stock video
  •  Integrated client’s project photos
  •  Background music production
  •  Custom graphics and animation
  •  Editing and post-production
  •  Published to web  (website, youtube, facebook, google+)

The Results

  •  Attracted more global customers

  •  Elevated corporate brand

  •  Improved sales conversions


All your video production needs.

  • Pre-production

    Script writing

  • Production

    Sound recording
    Custom music production

  • Post-production

    Custom animations
    Professional voiceovers
    Licensing acquisition/clearing
    Music and jingles

  • Publishing

    Publish to websites
    SEO Optimization
    Analytics integration


A video that fits.

Are you reaching your target audience with the right message?  We create videos and media that are tailored to your brand and marketing needs.  Our passion is in making highly effective media that is relational and relevant to your audience.  From research and consultation through video publishing and SEO optimization.

Elevate your brand with a great logo animation.  It can serve as an intro to all your videos and create greater brand awareness.  Keep your audience on your website and product pages with a video ad that connects with them at an emotional level.

Complete video production

When it comes to video production you have two choices.  Search endlessly for the right professionals for each aspect of the production or use an all-inclusive production company.  Keeping all production under one roof can streamline your project and keep costs down.  Our all-inclusive services result in efficient, highly effective videos.  Contact us today to request a free consultation.

Let your project

become our passion!

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